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In the realm of economic development, progress is not a solitary endeavor. Successful economic growth relies on collaboration, and one of the most effective tools at our disposal is the establishment of specialized committees. These committees serve a vital purpose in driving projects and initiatives forward while simultaneously fostering engagement and participation among investors.


These committees bring together a diverse group of stakeholders, including investors, government officials, community representatives, and experts in various fields. Their primary purpose is to harness collective expertise, knowledge, and resources to strategize, plan, and execute initiatives that fuel economic development. These initiatives can encompass infrastructure improvements, business incentives, workforce development, and more.

The benefits of our committees in economic development are manifold. They provide a structured platform for our investors to actively contribute to the decision-making process. This inclusivity not only enhances the quality of decisions but also instills a sense of ownership and commitment among participants.

Committees facilitate information exchange and knowledge sharing. By pooling together the diverse perspectives and experiences of committee members, innovative solutions can emerge, driving economic development in more efficient and sustainable ways.


Additionally, committees enhance transparency and accountability. Investors and the public can closely monitor progress, ensuring that resources are allocated wisely and projects are on track.


Lastly, committees build strong networks and relationships among participants, fostering a sense of community and shared vision for economic growth.

As you can see, our committees play a pivotal role in economic development by harnessing collective wisdom, enhancing engagement, and fostering an environment of collaboration. They are indispensable tools on the path to prosperity and sustainable growth.




focuses on fostering investor engagment, trust, and collaboration to drive sustainable economic growth and prosperity in Morgan County. 



the BRE & Recruitment committees combined to focus on attracting and retaining businesses, nuturturing economic growth, and creating job opportunities through strategic business expansion efforts.


Revolving Loan Fund

focuses on providing financial support to local businesses in partnership with local banking institutions to promote job creation and community development through responsible and accessible loan programs. 


Morgan County Diversification Foundation

managed by a separate board of directors, the foundation focuses on strenghthening entrepreneurial development and economic stability by boosting the competitieveness and diveristy of Morgan County-based businesses. 

If you are an investor and would like to learn more about MCEDC Committees or to get involved, email 
Kristin Clifford-Basil: to become and investsor, email Stacie Smith:
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