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Virtual reality
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ROOTS76, which originated as an initiative to develop an MCEDC Investor Council, has emerged as the epitome of innovation. ROOTS76's efforts unite major employers to identify workplace opportunities and collaboratively develop strategies aimed at engaging and attracting direct-to-workforce employees. Initially identifying underparticipation in trade skills among high school graduates, ROOTS76 took a transformative step forward with the creation of the Mobile VR Lab. This innovative solution provides high school students aged 16-18 with immersive trade skill training prior to graduation, effectively encouraging workforce participation and enabling entry into higher-wage positions with clear career pathways. Through initiatives like the Mobile VR Lab, ROOTS76 continues to lead the way in addressing critical workforce development challenges and shaping a prosperous economic future for Morgan County.


ROOTS76 received a $280,000 RISE Grant to establish a Mobile VR (Virtual Reality) Trade Skills Lab. The Mobile VR Lab is an innovative education hub on wheels. Focused on hands-on learning, it seamlessly brings virtual reality experiences to diverse locations. The lab, equipped with cutting-edge technology, fosters immersive skill acquisition, making education accessible and engaging for students everywhere, promoting growth and inclusivity.


Welding specialist

Programs Available:

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Welding

  • Construction

  • Solar

  • HVAC

  • Commercial HVAC

  • Facilities Maintenance

  • Safety & Compliance

  • Residential Construction

  • Appliances



While VR has been present in classrooms before, we've yet to encounter another program in the trades that breaks down barriers quite like this one! ROOTS76 is an innovative solution to the lack of participation of high school students in trade skill apprenticeship programs due to its unique approach in integrating vocational education with modern technology and industry demand. We're meeting the future workforce where they are today! By blending traditional trade skills with cutting-edge technologies, ROOTS76 creates an engaging and relevant learning experience for students. This approach not only addresses the stigma often associated with vocational education but also aligns with the evolving needs of industries, fostering greater interest and participation among high school students. Additionally, ROOTS76 provides hands-on training opportunities, mentorship, and pathways to employment, bridging the gap between education and the workforce and empowering students to pursue successful careers in skilled trades. Overall, ROOTS76 represents a forward-thinking solution that leverages innovation to overcome barriers and cultivate interest and participation in trade skill apprenticeship programs among high school students.

Why Virtual Reality?


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