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ROOTS76, an MCEDC Investor Council is a dynamic and collaborative platform established to facilitate meaningful interaction with our investors with a shared focus on driving economic growth and development. This council serves as a bridge between the MCEDC Board of Directors and staff and our investor organizations, dedicated to forging partnerships, fostering innovation, and catalyzing investments that benefit the economic health of Morgan County. R


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Our mission is to unite influential employers, forging a collaborative alliance to not only identify but also seize workplace opportunities. We aim to craft innovative strategies that will not only engage but magnetize skill-based, direct-to-workforce, and deskless employees. By nurturing this dynamic talent ecosystem, we aspire to revolutionize the workforce landscape of Morgan County.


Our purpose is to elevate local talent numbers significantly, fortifying and nurturing the local workforce for long-term sustainability and the continued expansion of the local economy. Our commitment to this goal serves as a cornerstone for future economic growth and prosperity within our community

If you are a current investor and would like to learn more or get involved, contact John Prouty @ to learn about becoming an investor, contact Stacie Smith @
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