The Morgan County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) is a not-for-profit 501(c)6 corporation whose activities to promote Morgan County are strongly endorsed by both public and private entities. There are thirteen voting members on the board of directors representing various business sectors and communities. To promote Morgan County by serving as the primary coordinator of information and resources for new and expanding businesses to optimize the activities of economic and community development for the enrichment of its businesses and residents.

The MCEDC Board believes in balancing efforts to assist with the expansion of existing businesses and attracting growth for new businesses. MCEDC performs a number of services to promote this concept:

  • Community Information and Demographics

  • Property Information

  • Sources of Financing

  • Business Forums and Seminars

  • Facilitation and Strategic Planning

  • Legislative Coffees

  • Grant Support for Public Entities

  • Community Based Economic Roundtables

  • Precision Marketing Program – Customized Research: Marketing Lists, Business Profiles, Competitor Reports, Industry Trends, Customer Profiles through computer mapping and geographic analysis.

  • Revolving Loan Fund: Low interest, small increment loans given to small businesses creating or retaining jobs in Morgan County.

  • Economic Impact Studies: Analysis of the economic benefits, public revenues and public costs for new or expanding businesses when requesting local or state incentives


Morgan County, perfectly located. The gate way between the plains and the Rockies. We have attractive cities, small and large businesses, industry, higher education opportunities, advanced health care, several amenities and most important, residents that take pride in their community.

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